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About Me

Helping women see their value has always been a passion of mine. There is nothing like stepping into and owning who you are fully, wholly, and totally!

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My Beginnings

I was a natural observer as a child.  My brother and sister were 8 and 12 years older than me, so I would watch a lot of their behavior, even trying to mimic it at times. I'd watch my mother and father and other family members too. From an early age, I enjoyed people-watching and learned a lot about emotions, connection, and love; always trying to see why people did what they did - good, bad, or indifferent. It's no wonder that I grew up to spend 10+ in Human Resources focusing on employee relations.

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My Story

Drawing from experience over the last two+ decades as a wife, mother, and personal and professional development specialist, I have learned three things people, specifically women, desire most:


~ Find out who they truly are

~ Articulate what they want without aggression or anger

~ How to speak up and show up as their authentic selves unapologetically. 

I took the information I gathered from my late nights of studying human behavior, behavioral analysis, soul-care, and cognitive behavioral therapy and combined it with my healing process and HR background, and created a program to help other women through their self-healing journey, so they can reclaim their voice and their value and go from wounded women to Warrior Women.

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What Lies Ahead

I know what it was like to lose and shrink parts of yourself from the journey and trauma that life brings. Being trapped in my trauma started to affect my children, my marriage, and my work.


I knew if I wanted to experience a better quality of life, I would have to heal from sexual abuse, and emotional, mental, and verbal abuse, as well.


Now, I draw my strength from God's love. It was He who helped me to see just how incredible women are and how purposefully He designed us to be. I walk in the power of this TRUTH every day.

It is now my mission to reach back and help other women draw on that same strength and truth, to help them heal and guide them on a path of Generational Health.

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You deserve to live a life you are proud of, sis!

My Coaching Core Values


Be clear

Be open

Be honest

Be realistic


Free to be you
As you are
Where you are


You are who you are.
You are the original.
No copies.
No fine print.


Whether a smile or a laugh, it’s a language everyone understands




No favorites.

We win or We learn.


YOUR journey is YOUR journey. We’ll walk it together with love, compassion, care and kindness.



I educate you as a method to grow.
Know what you know.




What we do,

We do well

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