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I'm Ayana

In 2016, I watched the generational curse of anger play out right before my eyes. Not only was the deep-seated anger in me, but in my mom, my daughter, and my grandmother. And the one thing I learned at that moment was that I COULD BE THE CURE. It could stop with me if I just healed my emotional wounds...and so I did!


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I foster relationships that are: trusting, safe, non-judgmental, open-minded, supportive, compassionate, honest, and professional yet personable, and reliable.

Ayana founded the Warrior Womanhood Community for women that want to go from wounded women to warrior women. Women that desire to become the best mom they can be, and more so the best version of themselves

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My story is simple.

I THRIVE ON MANIFESTATION, HARD-WORK AND FINDINg the beauty in the little things

I have worked and consulted in the human resources field for over 10 years. As an HR professional, life coach, and communication and behavioral consultant, I have learned four things people, specifically women, desire most. The desire to find out who they truly are, articulate what they want, and how to speak up and show up as their authentic selves unapologetically


Drawing from experience over the last two+ decades as a wife, mother, and personal and professional development specialist, I took the information I gathered from my late nights of studying human behavior, behavioral analysis, organizational psychology, and cognitive behavioral therapy and combined it with my healing process and HR background, and created a program to help other women who have also lost parts of themselves,  through their own healing journey, so they can reclaim their voice and their value and go from wounded women to Warrior Women.


I knew what it was like to lose and shrink parts of yourself from the journey and trauma that life brings. And that has affected, my children and my marriage. But now, I draw my strength from God's love. It was Him who helped me to see just how incredible women are and how purposefully he designed us to be.

I began making the necessary changes and started to see positive results in my own life and the amazing effects it had on my children, my husband, our marriage, and my career.

I am married to a wonderful man of God and have four beautiful children and four angel babies

My Coaching Core Values


Be clear

Be open

Be honest

Be realistic


Free to be you
As you are
Where you are


You are who you are.
You are the original.
No copies.
No fine print.


Whether a smile or a laugh, it’s a language everyone understands




No favorites.

We win or We learn.


YOUR journey is YOUR journey. We’ll walk it together with love, compassion, care and kindness.



I educate you as a method to grow.
Know what you know.




What we do,

We do well


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Warrior Womanhood group is a FREE community for women to come and receive support, resources, prayer and so much more! Join us Live each and every Wednesday at 12noon EST for Warrior Wisdom Wednesdays.

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