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Don't just take my word for it!

Hear it from my clients

Read how these women were able to transform their lives through the work they completed with the Soul-Care Success Academy.

This could be you too, sis! Are you ready?

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Meet Tauheedah

When Tauheedah came to me, she was dealing with mom guilt and fear of passing down learned habits to her daughter. She saw specific trauma responses in her daughter, that she herself exhibited and she wanted to see what she could do to change it.

Once we identified the root of her own childhood trauma, she began to do the work to forgive those who have hurt her, understand how the trauma impacted her as a woman and as a mom, and develop language that would help her in her parenting strategies. 

Without going through the program, she would have still been dealing with tremendous amounts of shame, guilt, and fear as a mom.

Not only does she have a healthier relationship with her daughter, but with herself as well. 

Long-term healing requires long-term strategies

Meet Sinoma

When Sinoma and I started working together, she was dealing with much deep-seated anger. She often found herself in arguments or situations that provoked her anger and rage. 

We focused our work on her Top 5 Core Wounds, which helped her to see how experiencing the loss of very important people, impacted how she viewed and treated others and how she used her trauma response as a defense mechanism to protect herself from experiencing hurt again.

By the time we wrapped up our time together, Sinoma was able to properly grieve her losses, identify her emotional triggers, and reclaim her personal power and her control over her thoughts, feeling, and voice.

She was no longer controlled by people, places, and pain.

Sinoma was able to reduce the harmful trauma responses by 20%, which meant she increased her emotional stability by 20%!


You have to grieve and open your heart to make room for whom God has called you to be, sis! 

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Meet Shavonne

Shavonne was a self-proclaimed workaholic and perfectionist. Behaviors she believed were picked up after watching several family members operate this way. This created a "full-plate" lifestyle that often left Shavonne feeling burnt out, unappreciated, not valued, depleted, and "over it!"

She quickly realized that trying to control everything actually made her feel out of control most of the time.

After getting to the core reasons that she showed up this way, we were able to effectively implement a strategy for a harmonized life. Shavonne saw a 17% reduction in her rejection wound and a 12% reduction in her Domination wound which allowed her to set proper boundaries for herself and others, reclaim her time by creating routines for her girls, and learn to offer herself grace and space without guilt or fear! 

You don't have to be everything to everyone &
you don't have to always be in control!

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