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Winning in Womanhood
Volume 1
From Broken to
Full Bloom

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The theme for this year's

Women's History Month is

"Celebrating Women Who Tell Our Stories"

Join amazing women from all over sharing their stories of trauma to triumph - overcoming the impossible in this inaugural anthology of the 

Winning in Womanhood Anthology Series

Sis, the world is ready to hear your story!

Join the project below.

Warrior Womanhood is not just a cute name, it's a woman's biblical birthright.
I found myself ready to commit suicide with 4 children and in my second marriage. I was so busy trying to be everything to everyone that I lost who I was as a woman. The pressure became too much and I was going to end it. It was at that moment literally with a knife to my throat, God asked me if I could just be the woman He designed me to be. Let go of the titles, let go of the roles, the credentials - all of it. Shortly after, I learned the Hebrew term,
EZER, which means warrior. It was also a name God ascribed to Eve. Women are Warriors - we were designed to be that way.
And when we heal, we can fully step into the full power of whom we are called to be.

This was the story God had me write in my very first anthology. I have never shared it before, but when I stepped into the power of my truth and my story, things begin to change. I understood then that my story, my journey, and even the trauma I experienced were so that I could reach back and help another woman get through what I went through! 

Your story is powerful, sis! The World is ready to hear it!!!

What's Included?

The Author's delivers:

1500-word maximum chapter

150-word maximum bio

1 high-quality author-provided headshot

The Author's receive:

Co-Authors Badge

50 Promotional Graphics

Author Writing Training

Author Marketing Language

Done-For-You Editing Services

Done-For-You Publishing Services

Done-For-You Project Management Services

Done-For-You LIVE Launch Party

Five (5) Complimentary Copies of the Book

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Step Two

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