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Soul-Care Success

We love to connect and collaborate! Do you have a story to tell, a service to provide, or a strategy to teach?

Below is a list of ways to connect with and collaborate with the Soul-Care Success Movement.

Soul-Care Success Masterclass Series


The Soul-Care Success Masterclass Series is a 90-Minute expert session, taught primarily by women of color, on topics such as Boundaries, Core Values, Emotional Trauma, Motherhood, Marriage, Business Development, Beauty, Confidence, Owning Your Voice, and Finding Your Purpose!

Wednesday at 7pm EST


Apply to be an expert speaker HERE!


Sign up to get all the notifications and replays of the SCS Series HERE!

The Warrior Woman Podcast

The Warrior Woman Podcast is a weekly podcast that highlights amazing women and their journey of soul-care and healing. Learn first-hand how healing has helped these women step into the power of their voice, value, and vision!


Apply to be a guest HERE!

Tune in Wednesday at 12 noon EST HERE!


Soul-Care Sundays

Soul-Care Sundays, formerly Warrior Wisdom Wednesdays, is an educational online series answering questions about soul care with biblical references.

Tune in Sundays at 7pm EST HERE!


Anthology Projects

If speaking isn't you're thing, but you still want to share your story, joining one of our anthology projects allows you to do just that. Become a contributing author with the Winning in Womanhood Anthology Collection.

Click HERE to learn more about the next project!

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