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Healing Her is a black woman's guide to doing the work of healing her soul. This book will take you on a guided journey to helping you identify if you are trapped in your trauma and what you can do to heal from it. 


Tired of life...well...lifing? Not having successful relationships? Job isn't fulfilling? Didn't speak up like you wanted to? Team no new friends, sis? 


It's time to live a life that you are proud of and that starts with healing the hurt parts of you. Transforming who you are, how you see yourself, and standing on the truth of what you were called to do. 


Are you ready to:

Show up autheintically with confidence?

Own your voice and stand on your truth?

Define and set healthy boundaries you back up?

Rid yourself of these nasty emotional wounds like rejection holding you hostage from a life you desire?


A yes to any of these is reason enough to grab your copy!

Healing Her: A Black Woman's Guide to Soul-Care


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