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RELEASE DATE: January 2021


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Who woud have thought that in 2020, with all that we have going on, I would have become a published author!


Women Inspiring Nations, Vol 3. is a collection of journeys told by women who are still standing despite. Despite domestic violence, family loss, cancer, and even my jouney with attempted suicide.


As the visionary for this anothology, Dr. Cheryl Wood, has created space for women to share their story with the world in hopes of encouraging, uplifting and guiding women on a path to self-discovery and healing.


In my chapter, Problems to Proverbs, I show you just how God used my suicide attempt to catipault my journey to womanhood and to see just how powerful we are as women. 


This book comes with a compliementary 30-day bible reading plan mentioned at the end of the chapter.


You will also receive a 15% discount on the purchase of the exclusive, Warrior in Womanhood shirt.


May this book bless you and you show you that despite your challenges, you too can still stand. You are more than a conqueror. You are a warrior in Womanhood.


Shipping & Handling: $4.95

Women Inspiring Nations Vol. 3


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