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The Academy

Hey Warrior!

I'm so glad you are here! The Soul-Care Success Academy will be opening its doors soon and I cannot tell you how excited I am! 

The Academy was created to be a safe space for women to heal, and rediscover their voice, their value, and their purpose. It doesn't take several years to achieve this!


You can start right now and in 6 months transform into the woman you desire to be! 

What are you waiting for? Join the waitlist today, be the FIRST to know when doors open, AND as a special THANK YOU, you will receive a free assessment to kickstart your healing journey! 

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In just 6 months my clients see results that would have taken years of therapy to produce!

We get right to the point in your healing journey!


Why spend time talking about it when you can DO something about it! 

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Module 1

Jumpstart your healing journey by understanding WHO you are, WHERE you are, and WHY


Module 2

Cancel the negative narrative that have shaped you and convert them to the truth of who you are


Module 3

Take back the power and control of your VOICE, activate the power of your VALUE, and step into the VISION you have for your life

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Module 4

Build a new and from foundation of who God says that you are; increasing your capacity to be and do.


Denise N.

Yes! Everyone should self-evaluate and work with Ayana is great. She has the right amount of science, compassion, and anointing!

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Shavonne N.

This was such a pleasure to share my experience and to also show my gratitude to Ayana for helping me break generational wounds, and patterns.

I will forever be thankful for her grace, heart, and her skills! She does and means what she says. “That Girl Good!”


Tauheedah M.

If you are considering doing this work, healing, then get with Ayana!

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