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Soul-Care Success Academy

Accelerated self-therapy guided course to help black women heal emotional trauma

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Presented by Ayana Henderson
Founder & CEO of
the capacity school & Warrior womanhood

The Soul-Care Success Academy is a hybrid personal development program for black women who are ready to reclaim their life, heal their emotional wounds, and become a woman they like and love. The curriculum consists of S.O.U.L. Framework and is a combination of live coaching, Q&A sessions, opportunities to learn from experts, prayer sessions, and a community of support that will help you raise the bar in every ear of your life.


In this Program we will cover

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Shavonne Noble

Gratitude to Ayana for helping me break generational wounds, and patterns. She does and means what she says.

“That Girl Good!”


Denise Nelson

"She has the right amount of science, compassion, and anointing!"

If you desire to increase your:


You’re ready to make 'you' a priority without compromise or sacrifice.


You are ready to live a life by YOUR design and not remain trapped in your trauma


You’re ready to break free from limiting beliefs and negative narratives holding

you back.


You desire a safe space and community of women who are on the SAME healing journey as you


You want to know who you are at your core and be able to stand on the truth of YOU!


Healing alone can be and feel lonely. But healing with a community of women who are healing with you, who get it and understand it, is entirely different.


"Ayana is amazing, she took so much time to truly understand me, and it always felt like she was one step ahead of me as I'm coming to profound realizations. She is a real pro and helped me in ways I didn't even know existed or were needed."

~Alexandra C.

Why Now?

you will

  1. Take a deep dive into your emotional health

  2. Call a thing a thing

  3. Cancel the negative narratives


  1. Naming Your Specific Top Wounds

  2. Seeing How They Impact Your Life

  3. Gaining Clarity & Understanding of Trauma Impact

so you can

  1. Walk in self-acceptance

  2. Develop your power voice

  3. Rebuild the foundation of who you are

because you'll have

  1. Trigger Controls

  2. Spiritual Battle Tools

  3. Soul-Care Vision Plan

all because

You Healed Your Emotional Wounds

Healing Isn't's strategic

What's the investment?