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Welcome to
Warrior Womanhood

Helping black women accelerate their emotional healing journey so they can live a life they are truly proud of!

Care for
my soul

I'm Ayana!
Emotional Healing Coach & Generational Change Agent

Sis, aren't you tired of being everything to everyone and nothing to yourself? Done putting yourself last on the list? Tired of broken relationships after broken relationships? Wondering why me, this can't be life? 

Self-Care is Overated!  It's time for Soul-Care!

If you could take care of 1 year of therapy in just 3 pages, would you?

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Image by Arnel Hasanovic

It's time to heal, sis!

Self-care is all the buzz these days, and don't get me wrong, it's important to practice, but it only last's for so I right?

You do something nice for yourself, then you find yourself right back in that rut...wondering what your purpose is and why are you here! 

Your relationships are dry, you still haven't found the right guy, your job is lacking fulfillment, and you just feel like you're missing out on life! Everyone is having fun, except you! Why?

Simply put, your soul needs to be healed. You are likely holding on to past people, problems, and pain, sis! I know, OUCH! But it's the truth!

You need to know that...

Healing isn't hard, but it does take work, and you can do the work, sis!
Healing doesn't take a long time, it takes understanding!
Healing doesn't require a therapist, self-therapy works the same!
Because sis, what you don't repeat...then you pass it down!

Meet Denise

Denise came to me because she was tired of procrastinating and felt like she wasn't making progress in her business. Through our time together, she learned some of her behaviors and expectations were the affects of residual trauama. We course corrected and aligned not only her expectations, but her beliefs of self and others. We set proper boundaries and she took ownership of her life. Denise was able to eradicate 3 of her Top 5 Core Wounds. 


Meet Javon

During a livestream, my son told the world that he had only experience the healed version of me for "18 months" out of his 22 years."   He specfically asked me to work on my anger which triggered my healing journey. Because I chose to heal and do the work, he now experiences being in an emotionally safe relationship with me.


I Can Help You



Are you ready to live a life you are proud of?

It's time to take your power back!

If you could take care of 1 year of therapy in just 3 pages, would you?

Take the Warrior Assessent! 


Thanks for submitting!

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