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Girl, It's time to get back on track!

Are you ready?

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Warrior Academy

The Warrior Academy is a 12-week coaching program designed to strengthen women, mothers, and wives feeling lost and overwhelmed rediscover and own their voice, value, and personal power.   


  • 12 coaching sessions

  • Warrior Assessment package

  • Warrior Welcome Box

  • Annual Paid Membership to Warrior Womanhood

  • And so much more!

investment : $1997
(flex plan available)



This is for you if:

In the very beginning stages of your business. You have an idea of what you would like to do and now need to create a solid vision of what you would like to launch to the world. Perhaps, you have done a couple of posts and now want to create a plan that works for you and your style.



I AM Assessment

Session 1: Behind the Brand

Session 2: Your Lane of Excellence

Session 3: The Marketplace

Session 4: Starter Strategy​

This service is 8 hours over 4 sessions.

investment : $600
(flex plan available)

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Dicover Your "I AM"

We've all asked the question, Who Am I?


Well, now you can get answers to that very question. Learn what makes you tick, what motivates you, the best way for you to communicate, and why you do the things you do! 


This service is 8 hours over 4 sessions.


I AM Assessments

Session 1:  Strengths and Weaknesses

Session 2: Communication & Behaviors

Session 3: Personal Power Language

Session 4: Personal Power Strategy

investment : $600
(flex plan available)


Career Coaching

With the changing times, it might just be time to dust off the old resume and practice those interview skills!


Let's work to get you an eye-catching resume that properly reflects your skillset and experience! In sessions 3 and 4, we will tackle how to articulate that during an interview!

This service is 8 hours over 4 sessions.


What's covered:

Session 1: DISC assessment: Strengths and Weaknesses

Session 2: Career Assessment: What do you really want?

Session 3: Resume Review & Re-Do

Session 4: Master the Interview 

investment : $600
(flex plan available)


What they're saying

Image by Tj Holowaychuk

O'ryan G.

Before we started the exercise I had doubts about most of the things I did. I felt very empowered and capable after the limiting beliefs exercise. I felt a huge weight lifted off of my shoulders. Thank you for helping me. 

Image by Tj Holowaychuk

Isabelle C.

Going through this assessment really helps me to see how I lead and how I show up. I can see how implementing these strategies can help me become a better manager. I'm excited we are going through this process. I'm learning so much about myself.

Image by Tj Holowaychuk

Tauheedah M.

Just wanted to touch base and let you know that I am grateful for your C.O.R.E. class. Your coaching has been timely and much appreciated.

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Girl! Are you ready to become a Warrior?


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