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It's time to heal Sis!

After watching a generational curse play out before my eyes with my grandmother, my mother, myself, and my daughter, I knew something needed to change. I knew that what I didn't repair, I would repeat and pass down.

Like so many other women, we desire to live a life we are proud of while teaching our kids to do the same.

I take women on a practical journey of healing with the S.O.U.L. framework, allowing them to walk away with tangible and implantable steps to start their journey of soul-care. 


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Ayana Henderson is an Emotional Wellness Coach and founder of Warrior Womanhood. Her focus is to help black women accelerate their healing so they can live a life they are proud of. Ayana believes when women reclaim their personal power they can change the trajectory of their lineage.  Ayana also serves as a GriefShare facilitator, is a 5x International Best-Selling Author and Visionary, named a Top 20 Christian Coach, and is a Speaker to Watch, and affectionately titled "Ayana Fix My Life" on Clubhouse. 

Download her Speaker Sheet HERE.

Speaking Topics Include:

Girl, You are a Warrior!

This talk calls out the "I'm just a.." for all us women. You are so much more. Stripping away being a mom, wife, and other titles, we answer the question, Who am I without all of that? The answer: A WARRIOR!

Generational Wealth =

Generational Health

 Leaving a legacy of money without emotional stability, mental strength, and good character isn't sustainable. 

If you left a will of what you were leaving emotionally, mentally, or spirtually - what would it say? Learn what else we need to inlclude as part of legacy

Good Grief

It wasn't until after I lost both my mom and dad with 15 months did I experience true grief. Despite losing them God's Goodness reign through time and time again. Regardless of the type of loss, the audience will learn not only ways to lean into their grief but how to find the goodness despite the pain.

You Won't Break My S.O.U.L.

Using the 4-part S.O.U.L. framework, I help women jumpstart their soul-care journey by helping them identify their top core wounds and the four ways they can begin to process of self-therapy and true healing.


Girl, You are a Warrior!

A Battle Plan to Reclaim Your Voice, You Value, and Your Purpose


Dr. Michelle S. Thomas, Founder, The Exceptional Woman Enterprise

Ayana is a quiet powerhouse. When she opens her mouth to speak, lives are changed and she does it with such grace and elegance. She doesn't realize how good she actually is. She has been a great addition to my stage.


Dr. Cheryl Wood, Keynote Speaker, CEO of Global Speakers University

Ayana is such a connecter when she speaks. She has an amazing ability to transform rooms, draw the audience in, move them to tears, teach her points and leave them feeling motivated, educated, and inspired. It has been amazing to watch her grow as a speaker.


Dr. Shamieka Dean, Marketing Solutionist, CEO of Market Like a Mogul

When I first met Ayana, she wasn't fully operating in the power of her voice. But now to see her speak now, I know lives and legacies will be changed. Ayana's voice has a spiritual soulfulness to it and she speaks with such transparency and vulnerability.

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