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Girl, you are a Warrior! A Warrior in Womanhood.


I was the one who looked like she had it all. I had the house, the husband, the family, and a good job. I lived up to all my titles and carried out all my roles, but internally, I was struggling. I found myself trapped in the cycle of people-pleasing and performing to be the “best.” I had to be the best mom, the best wife, the best daughter, and so on to the point that  I looked up one day and wondered where I was. I was tired of operating in and living up to all these titles. I just wanted to find my way back to myself. 

Like me, you may be caught up trying to live up to the expectations of others or in the comparison trap known as social media. A part of you feels missing, and you want that back. You want HER back!  It was my rock bottom moment that served as my slingshot to go from wounded to Warrior. 

Yes, sis, it's your time. No longer will you shrink. No longer will you walk in fear, shame, guilt, or worry. Who you are is beautiful, and you are worthy of living your best life.  It is by design too! You are stronger than you know, braver than you think, and more powerful than you ever could imagine. You are a woman! I love you. I encourage you! I support you! Welcome to Warrior Womanhood!

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a peek inside

Sneak Peak
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The greatest thing He showed me, as a result of being in that space, was when He said, “It's not about the roles you have. It's not about your titles as a mom or as a wife. It is about who I've designed you to be as a woman, and it wasn't specific to you, it was all women.

What You Will Learn

In Girl, You are a Warrior you will learn practical tips and tools to help you identify your emotional trauma triggers

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Point #1

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Point #2

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Point #3

How to stop the self-sabotage process and activate self-love and self-acceptance.

To let go of who the world told you to be and root your identity in how God has designed you.

How to prepare your battle kit! And every Warrior needs one!

Key Points
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meet Ayana HENDERSON

Ayana Maia has worked and consulted in the human resources field for over 10 years. As an HR professional and certified life coach, she has learned three things people, specifically women, desire most. The desire to find out who they are, what they want, and how to show up as their authentic selves unapologetically. Drawing from experience over the last two decades as a wife and mother and in personal and professional development, she now coaches women through their own healing journey to become Warrior Women. Ayana lives with her husband and children just south of Boston, MA.

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