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Emotional Responses

How do you respond when a person you’re close to says something rude to you? Of course, you’ll feel hurt. Despite the fact that words have no physical form, they have an impact to us the same way physical confrontation does. The way your skin leaves traces of scars from abuse is the exact same way you get emotional scars from abusive words.

We’re taught at a young age to stand up for ourselves and speak up when someone says something hurtful to us. Some people just spit words without fully understanding its impact to the recipient that’s why pointing out how you feel can be very helpful. I’m sure you’re not likely to let one person continuously run you down, say nasty things to you without consequence, or be in your life if they're not conducive to your overall happiness.

So why would you allow your inner voice to do any of those things?

Now, consider all the hurtful things you've told yourself over the entire span of your lifetime.

  • I’m no good

  • I can’t believe he picked her over me

  • It’s too hard

  • I can’t

  • I might as well give up

  • People don’t like me

  • There’s no use

  • Why bother

  • I suck at this

  • I’m completely alone

  • They are way better than me

Do these words ring a bell? I’m sure all of us have said some of these hurtful words to ourselves and think that it’s okay; nothing bad is going to happen. But little do we know, whenever we tell ourselves these negativities, we’re actually speaking them into being. Meaning, we are becoming who we say we are. That’s how powerful words are.

If you’re not going to let anyone talk down on you, why would you let yourself do it to you? Same principle applies. Don’t allow yourself to say nasty things about you. Defend yourself. Love yourself. Take care of yourself. Let these emotional responses be your guide on how to talk to yourself better.

The next time you say something to yourself, taste your words. If they don’ taste good, spit them out. Replace them with sweet and kind words that you’d love to have in your system.

Remember this, whenever you tell yourself positive affirmations, you’re actually speaking them into being. Meaning, you are becoming who you say you are. And the emotional response you get from that? Total freedom and that warm fuzzy little feeling called self-love.


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